Who We Are

Artists and creatives who understand the power of culture to shift narratives and create lasting change.

The Cultural Engagement Lab (CEL) ignites change by collaborating with artists to create inspiring content that powers campaigns and creates a more just and equitable world.

We bring experience and expertise to support a wide-scale integration of cultural strategy as a core component of any strong advocacy or electoral efforts, especially those that seek to engage and inspire a multi-racial coalition.

CEL is a 501(c)4 action arm of The Center for Cultural Power, led by artist and activist, Favianna Rodriguez and a team of artist disruptors in the field for more than a decade.

CEL builds on the legacy of the Citizen Engagement Lab, an early accelerator and incubator of cutting edge digital strategy and digital organizing, former home to Color of Change, Ultraviolet, CoWorker.org, and others.

Meet The Team

Photo of team member 1

Favianna Rodriguez

Cultural Strategist, President