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162 philanthropic partners and $38 million raised

33 startups spanning 16 issues

7 million people taking 35 million actions

A history of making history


A huge public and political outcry leads to FCC approval for new Net Neutrality rules that give Internet users stronger protections.


A multi-year multi-layered campaign convinces key tech players, including Facebook, Google, and EBay, to stop supporting the climate change-denying lobbying group.


Over 100,000 people participate in online, in person, and media actions that motivate Congress to pass an expanded and improved Violence Against Women Act.


A strategic use of media, online education, and coordinated actions push forward a policy exempting eligible U.S. immigrants’ children from deportation.


A historic internet “blackout” helps shut down two Congressional bills that would have significantly limited internet freedom.


Faced with nationwide protest over Glenn Beck's racist comments, Fox News drops him from their lineup.


Working with a wide range of allies, GetEqual helped ensure the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on gay and lesbian service members went straight into the dustbin of history.


Four young undocumented immigrants walk 1500-miles from Miami to Washington, D.C. building a national following, meeting with top leaders, and gaining widespread coverage in the English and Spanish press.


A targeted campaign with millions of participants successfully pressures CNN to stop serving as an outlet for Lou Dobbs' anti-immigrant platform.

Stellar's ideas are huge and our approach is unconventional. Our work ranges from complex technology to international financial literacy. At CEL, we found the team we need to help us hone and communicate our vision, and the expertise to execute our mission.

Joyce Kim Executive Director, Stellar

As a pioneer in using new media and technology to advance meaningful social change, CEL has long had our support.

John Schwartz President, Voqal

CEL made it possible for us to build our ship while sailing. We were able to simultaneously raise resources, prove a new organizing model, and build our membership. CEL made that possible in a way that no other organization could.

Shaunna Thomas Co-Executive Director, Ultraviolet

CEL has long been a valued partner to Color of Change. They continue to help us connect to new technologies and ideas for collaborative campaigns. It’s great that someone is playing this role for the field.

Rashad Robinson Executive Director, Color of Change

Working with CEL has enabled me to experiment with different projects and change the landscape of cultural organizing. CEL is the one place a social innovator like me can really call home.

Favianna Rodriguez Founder, CultureStrike

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