Art and Culture are a powerful engine for political engagement.

2020 Breakthrough

Shifting Hearts & Minds

In 2020, Artists and Storytellers came together to imagine a better future. Together with movement groups and political strategists we wrote a new playbook, using stories to mobilize a historic turnout. We continue to build on that success, combining art & science for impact.

Connecting Artists and Activists

It is time for progressive campaigns – especially those trying to reach Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, and young people  – to involve artists at a much deeper level who can breathe life, hope, and representation into advocacy efforts. When campaigns and organizations partner with artists to tell authentic and compelling stories, they can win in the near-term and reshape the narrative landscape over the long-term.

Real Impact

The Cultural Engagement Lab (CEL) is a 501(c)(4) organization that organizes a powerful network of seasoned artists and culture makers from impacted communities to lend their storytelling talents to meaningful advocacy, electoral, and civic engagement efforts.

"Artists are storytellers because you change hearts before you change minds. We show the ugly truths but in a way that is inspiring and compelling."

Brandon Santiago, artist/filmaker

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